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What We Do

The KAFCE Educational Program Committee in cooperation with your area and county FCE Educational Program Committee representatives and K-State Research Extension provide the following programs for the members in 2023.  These lessons are available to KAFCE members.  Non-members interested in these lessons should contact


Blueberry Written by Cindy Kiser, KAFCE State EPC.  Be intrigued by the history, fun facts, health benefits and mouth-watering recipes of this powerful berry. 

  Educational Goals Participants should be able to identify blueberries as member of the fruit food group.  Access how one will benefit including blueberries in our diets.  Understand where/how blueberries are grown.  Appreciate the selection, storage and preparation of blueberries.  Plan healthy meals and snacks that incorporate blueberries. 

    Community Activities:  Publish news articles.  Make a display.  Hold informative meetings in the community.  Volunteer to talk with people such as classrooms, 4-H groups, church youth groups, or seniors groups.  Develop radio or TV spots to inform

the public.  Reach out through social media, such as Facebook, TikTok or Tweet your message.  Post a YouTube video preparing a blueberry dish.  Utilize blogs.  Make a brochure.  Network the message. Handout


Container Gardening written by Tina Bailey, KAFCE State EPC.  Are you ready for fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden?  As we get older the work of tilling, planting and hoeing is getting harder to do.  There is an alternative solution, Container Gardening. This type of gardening puts your garden right at your fingertips and outside on your patio or porch. 

 Educational Goals:  Ideas for an easier way to grow a garden.  Learn how to prepare containers for planting.  Ideas on how to plant the containers.

  Community Activities:  This could be a community project, especially if you live in an assistant living complex.  You can make a display for the fair or local farmers market.  Plan a trip with friends to your local greenhouse to choose the plants or start your own little greenhouse to grow the plants. Handout

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren written by Jennine Marrone, with NAFCE Hearth Fire # 63 of same name.  Although it is never the ideal situation, some grandparents find they need to raise their grandchildren.  Sometimes it is short term until the parents will be in the position to care for them again.  Sometimes it is due to financial circumstances, sometimes unsafe conditions, whatever the reason more grandparents than ever are stepping up to the plate.


Educational Goals:   Identify and understand the problems of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.  Look at the numbers and reasons for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.  Know how to find numbers and resources for Kansas.

    Community Activities:  Check with your area Foster Care organization to see where they need help.  Look for private groups who help Foster Care to see what you can do.  Check with children's Service League for volunteer possibilities. Handout


What is on Your Device written by Faye Spencer, KAFCE Vice President.  We have come a long way from smoke signals, carrier pigeons, yodeling, and flag signals to sleek smartphones or other electronic devices.  Feel like the younger generation is speaking a different language? Want to catch up?


 Educational Goals:  Participants will become informed about social media and decide which platform to use.  Participants will become familiar with smartphone or electronic device terminology, time lines, news feed, status updates, privacy settings.

 Community Awareness:  Invite non-members to a discussion of social media. 

Conduct informative classes to learn how to use smartphones. 



KSU Lessons-

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain Sharolyn Jackson, Reg. Extension Specialist / Lori Wuellner, Extension Agent;


Fact Sheet MF3602    

Leader Guide MF3603




Men's Health, Arthritis: Four Common Conditions Holly Miner, Extension Agent / Londa

Nwadike, Food Safety Specialist / Bradley Dirks, Associate Director for Physicians Assistant Program / Tandy Rundus, Extension Nutrition Program Specialist.  


Fact Sheet MF 3604.  

Leader Guide MF 3605.  



Mens Health, Cancer: Early Detection and Screening Holly Miner, Extension Agent / Londa

Nwadike, Food Safety Specialist / Bradley Dirks, Associate Director for Physicians Assistant Program / Tandy Rundus, Extension Nutrition Program Specialist.


Fact Sheet MF3598    

Leader Guide MF3599